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Online Safety Information

Keeping Your Child Safe Online Guides

With the ever changing technologies, it is important that you as parents are up-to-date with the latest trends, games and apps that your child/ren may be accessing.  Below are some guides for parents written by the National Online Safety team that will inform you about the age restrictions, settings and dangers that they may face.  Please be vigilant and check all devices                                         that your child/ren use to ensure that you keep them as safe as possible.

Age Ratings Guide

A Parent's Guide to Internet Controls

A Parent's Guide to Online Challenges

A Parent's Guide to Screen Addiction

A Safety Guide about Children's Devices

A Safety Guide for the Use of Devices at Home

Call of Duty Parent's Guide

Discord Parent's Guide

Fortnite Parent's Guide

Grand Theft Auto Parent's Guide

Like Online Safety Guide

Live Streaming Parent's Guide

Minecraft Parent's Guide

Reddit Parent's Guide

Sexting Parent's Guide

Snapchat Parent's Guide

Social Media and Mental Health

Telegram Parent's Guide

Tumblr Parent's Guide

WhatsApp Parent's Guide

YouTube Safety Guide