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2014-2015 Year 6 Leavers

The Skills Show


Wow what a fantastic morning we had at the NEC Skills Show.  There was so much cool stuff to have a go at, from programming robots, to fitting gas pipes and changing car tyres.  We were even made up to look like we had seriously hurt ourselves.  It gave some of the parents a fright at the end of the day cheeky



Check out the gallery for all the pictures!

Stratford Upon Avon


We had an amazing time on our trip last week!  We were one of the very first schools in the country to take part in the new 'Play is the Thing' workshop at Shakespeare's Birthplace.  We visited the actual house he was born in and lived in as a child and we had a very special tour of the RSC!  We even got to perform Macbeth on the outdoor stage to lots of American tourists!!!!!!




For more pictures check out our class gallery no



Macbeth at the Old Rep Theatre 




Wowwwwwwwww what an absolutely amazing day and evening we had at The Old Rep Theatre!!!


We arrived at lunchtime and were able to watch a drama club from Fairfax School perform their version of Hamlet, which was incredible.  It had some cool music in it, and some ace costumes - a little like the movie Greece we thought.  Next it was our turn to rehearse for the first time on the stage and work out our positions, costume changes, sound effects and lights.  The dress rehearsal was a little tricky as it was our first run through, and we made a few mistakes, but we really enjoyed it and the drama group said we did really well.  At 6pm we got together with the three other schools for a full company warm up and then it was off to watch the other schools perform (before our performance at 8.15pm).  We were soooooooooooooooooo nervous, as was Miss Dawkes, who felt sick even though she wasn't going on stage! The nerves only helped us through it though and we nailed the performance 100%.  It was totally amazing - a once in a lifetime experience!  We are so proud of ourselves and are very sad it is all over now Description: wink.


The video of the dress rehearsal will be on the website to view shortly and there are lots of photos in our class gallery to enjoy.  


Birmingham Central Mosque


Year 6 had a reflective morning on Monday 20th October. As part of their R.E curriculum they went to Central Mosque in Birmingham.

Here are some children's views on their visit.

"The Iman showed us the Quran and how to pray in the Mosque."

"I thought the Mosque was very relaxing and the chandelier was so beautiful."

" The dome and minirets are not just beautiful, they are practical, they help the Imans' voice echo!"




Our Journey Through Year 5!


Take a look and see what we got up to in Year 5 below:

Villa Vitality 19.6.14


Skype with Grayson Perry 21.5.14



West Midlands Fire Service 19.5.14

Food Revolution Day- Rainbow Salad Wrap

Cricket 13.5.14

Thursday 8th May 2014

Villa Vitality

Today, in year 5, we have learnt all about healthy eating and how to keep fit. A lady called Claire told us all about it. We learnt about how much sugar there is in fizzy drinks. I know too much sugar is bad for you and that it rots your teeth.

In the morning, we were taught some football skills by Ryan, an Aston Villa coach. He taught us some tricks also! I think I was good at it.

In six weeks we are going to the Aston Villa ground, I can't wait!

Emily Dyke

Martial Arts with Jackie 2.5.14



Today we visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery again, it was even better than last time! Once we got into town, we found we had arrived 15 minutes early, so the very generous Mrs Harris bought us a doughnut. It was delicious!

When we were in the gallery, we went and looked at the Grayson Perry tapestries, they are very colourful.

On the way home, we bumped into some people that work for the Birmingham Mail and they were holding a 'hug day', we had our photo taken with them. After that, we noticed some work was being done so we stopped and asked the workers what they were doing.. They told us they were building the new tram line and they were changing the steel to plastic because it lasts a lot longer! We then bumped into some street musicians and we had a fantastic time dancing along to their music, we even had a little audience ourselves.

On our way to the bus stop we bumped into our class governor Pat, we had a little chat with her and she told us she is coming to see us after Easter which is exciting!

We had a brilliant time and wished we could do this every week!


Big thank you to class 5 children for making a huge effort with their costumes on World Book Day!


Today we went to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. For our topic this term we are looking at different artists. At the gallery we looked at different paintings, chose our favourites and had a go at sketching them. We had a great time and can't wait to go again!


- Georgia Taylor

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

We really enjoyed the workshop with Sid and Mo, it gave us some fantastic ideas for our poetry lesson!

Some of Year 5's Autumn Activities


We hope you enjoy our radio adverts!

Year 5 at Bell Heath

We arrived safely and we're having a great time eating well and very comfortable.  Just finished toast and marshmallows.  Kids say goodnight to all the parents and carers.  A big day ahead tomorrow! 

Bell Heath


We've had a great start to the term and we will be adding our learning regularly so keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting updates!