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Home Learning at The Oaks Nursery


To help your child consolidate their learning we will be suggesting tasks, activities and fun experiences for you to have a go at together at home.


Please look at this page each week to find new ideas. 


If you would like to send in photos or videos of any of the home learning, please either add them to your child's Tapestry or email them to


We would love to see them!



As the nights draw in, it's good to talk to your child about how the world around them seems to change at nighttime. Look out for the animals that we see in the dark, which ones can we not see now? Why? Where did they go? Look at the lights on the cars? Why are they on? What type of things can we do in the dark? (see the stars, see the moon, use a touch, look out for fireworks, go to sleep).


What special things do your family do at this time of year? Perhaps you are thinking about special lights on your house to help cheer up the neighborhood, perhaps you light special candles or eat special foods to warm you up on the long dark evenings?


We would love to see your family traditions. Please share them with us through Tapestry!



This half term in Acorns room, we have been focusing on our 5 senses. We have been smelling, feeling, looking, hearing and tasting a variety of items and identifying the body parts that help us to explore the world around us.


Next time you are on a walk, making dinner or playing, talk to your child about what they can hear, see, taste, smell and feel. Model verbal sentences to them that talk about senses. 'I can hear a dog barking in the park'. 'I like the taste of chocolate; it is sweet on my tongue.' 'It's cold today, I can feel the wind on my cheek'.