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Breakfast Club and After School Clubs

Breakfast Club and After School Clubs, including sports clubs have resumed fully.  School will email parents / carers regarding places so please ensure you respond promptly to be allocated places for your child/ren.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is located in the hall, gym or dining room in phase group bubbles.  Places were offered in September and were allocated on a needs / first come first served basis.  We are still restricting numbers due to the high levels of coronavirus, but if you would like a place for your child/ren, please contact school and we will be inform you if there are any places available.  

Phase group bubbles have specific gates and times for coming into Breakfast Club, and those who have not been allocated places or late arrivals, will not be allowed in as the staff cannot leave the group bubbles to let other children in.  We appreciate that some parents / carers need to be at different gates at the same time, staff are aware of this, but we suggest that you drop off at the front gates first.

Thank you for supporting us during this time.


After School Club

We have an After School Club, which is chargeable at £3.00 for a 4:00pm collection, £4.50 for a 4.30pm collection and £6.00 for a 5:00pm collection.  The places need to be booked and payed for in advance by Monday at 9:00am at If you don't have access to School Money, then please call the office on 0121 464 6272 for assistance.  Parents / carers who have not paid in advance will not be able to use the provision and will need to make alternative arrangements for their child/ren to be collected at the end of the school day.

Children will need to be collected from the allocated gate at their requested times.

Thank you for your support.


Sports Clubs

We have a range of after school sports provision for children in Years 1 - 6 with the children being kept in phase group bubbles.  Emails will be sent at the end of each half term to register your child's interest for the following half term.  This is a new system for requesting and booking sports clubs places and all correspondence will be sent through the system EVOLVE.  Please ensure that school have your updated email address.