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Please have a look at some of the websites that are sharing either free games or information videos to support children's understanding of what computing is.


From Monday 20th April, BBC Bitesize will be offering daily online lessons for all ages. 

Raspberry Pi Foundation are offering a range of free resources and online learning activities which can help to develop children's understanding of computing and digital making, while having fun and being creative. 


All activities specify the type of software that is needed and these can be downloaded for free from the respective websites.


Please take a look at the link below to see the brilliant projects on offer. 

Unplugged activities are tasks that children can complete without any digital equipment, that will encourage them to think logically.  These will build the foundations that children need to use to be competent users of computers. 


The activities in the sections below are downloaded from Barefoot Computing and are for promoting and teaching computational thinking.  Have a look at the poster to see the different aspects of computational thinking.



Some are sequences of lessons but don't worry about completing each one, you may want to only do lesson 1 for a decomposition activity and then move on to a patterns activity.