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Increasing participation

All children at The Oaks take part in 2 hours of PE per week. If children are unable to physically take part in a lesson due to illness or injury, they still help lead activities, work along side others and help coach and evaluate.



Sports clubs

At The Oaks we are very lucky to have a wide range of clubs on offer free of charge to the children. These clubs are funded via Pupil premium and Sporting premium money so that all children have access to high quality coaching.

Below is a copy of the clubs on offer during 2018/19 to the children at The Oaks and the number of places available for each club.

Demand has always been high for these club and there is a waiting list for most clubs. Mr Moore keeps an eye on the attendance for each club to ensure we offer as many pupils the opportunity to join in as possible .

Change for Life

During 2018-19 we will continue with our Change For Life club. This is aimed at children in years 2, 3 and 4. Over 20 children attend this club each week throughout the year. They take ownership of the club by deciding what activities they will do each week. Some play leaders from years 5 and 6 also join in with supporting the club by playing games with the children.


Children who took part in the club last year have been signing up for new and different clubs. It gives the children the chance to try out new sports and find out what they enjoy.


'I love change for life. Its great playing fun games with my friends. '


'We get to try different things each week.'


'I love getting the different equipment out and seeing what we can do with it.'


'I love having the dance socks out. It's great fun.'


During Change For Life, we have developed the club even further and have not just looked at being active, but also looked at our diets and the foods we eat. 


Sports Crew discussing club ideas

From the Sports Crew speaking to the children on the playground during lunch times, they feed back to Mr Moore what clubs the children enjoy after school and what clubs they would like to see. From this the Sports Crew help Mr Moore choose what clubs should be available during the year and what year groups to focus on. The children look at the registers and waiting lists to see which clubs were popular to help with their decision making. 

Increasing participation

During Play times and lunch times, Mr Moore and Mr Hill talk to the children to monitor how the clubs are going and how they could be improved. They meet with the children who don't go to any clubs to find out their reasons for not going, help them to access a club of interest or discuss any problems they may have which is affecting their participation.