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The Oaks Primary School

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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school!

Senior Leadership Team






Head Teacher: Mrs Dodds

Deputy Head: Mrs Mitchinson

Assistant Head and SENCO: Mrs Thurston

Lead Practitioners: Mrs Secker (EYFS), Mrs Hunter (KS1) & Mrs Baggley (KS2)




Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Reeves

Mrs Partridge

Mrs Bull, Miss Brough, Miss Parry and Miss Flint

Reception (RJ)

Miss Johnson

Mrs Parry

Year 1 (1E)

Mrs Edgington

Mrs Shakespeare

Year 1 (1L)

Mrs Lilwall and Mrs McGhee

Ms Rafiq

Year 2 (2C)

Miss Calloway

Ms Bird

Year 2 (2B)

Mrs Bingham

Miss Hillis and Mrs Rose

Year 3 (3S)

Miss Saidler

Miss Charles

Year 3 (3V)

Miss Venner

Year 4 (4P)

Mrs Padley

Mrs Moore

Year 4 (4R)

Mr Rose

Year 5 (5Ba)

Miss Batchelor

Mrs Stupak

Year 5 (5Bu)

Mrs Buggins

Year 6 (6K)

Miss Khatun

Ms Ryder

Year 6 (6S)

Mr Smith

PPA Teachers

Mr Griffiths & Mr Moore (PE)

Intervention Team


Mrs Thurston (SENCO and AHT), Mrs Mitchinson (DHT), Mrs Rose (LSA) and Ms Begum (Learning Mentor)

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Manager: Michelle Gardner

Family Support Worker: Sarah Williams-Black

Office Staff



Business Manager: Mary Cummins

Administrators: Jenny Blackwood and Iyesha Pringle

Clerical Assistants: Sharon Haynes and Sarah Matthews



Catering Supervisor: Ben Morris

Kelly Barr, Miriam Adams, Dimple Kaur, Sharon Hill




Building Services Manager: Jim Kozakiewicz

Senior Cleaner: Tracy Black

Tracy Black, Nikki Kelly, Faith Parker, Annette Stone, Amina Waseem, Miriam Adams, Alisha Heath










Required information:


Chair Person: Catherine Griffiths (co-opted)

Vice Chair: Mark Newton (co-opted)

Parent Governor: Andi Arsenie

Staff Governor: Julie Secker

LA Governors: Angela King

Co-opted Governors: Sophie Symington (staff), Adam Hickman, Adele Kershaw, Rosalind Venables

Clerk: Mary Cummins


Number of Employees earning over £100,000 - Nil