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The Oaks Primary School

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Meet the staff

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mrs Dodds

Deputy Head: Mrs Mitchinson

Assistant Head and SENCO: Mrs Thurston

Lead Practitioners: Mrs Secker (EYFS), Mrs Hunter (KS1), Mrs Baggley (Lower KS2) and Miss Bryan (Upper KS2)



Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Power

Mrs Partridge

Mrs Bull, Miss Brough, Miss Parry and Miss Flint

Reception (RJ)

Miss Johnson

Mrs Shakespeare

Reception (RE)

Mrs Edgington

Mrs Parry

Year 1 (1S)

Mr Griffiths, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Secker

Mrs Ryan and Mrs Rose

Year 1 (1LR)

Mrs Lilwall and Mrs Reeves

Ms Rafiq

Year 2 (2C)

Miss Calloway

Ms Bird

Year 2 (2S)

Mrs Symington

Miss Hillis and Miss Hill

Year 3 (3B)

Mrs Best

Miss Charles

Year 3 (3V)

Miss Venner

Year 4 (4P)

Mrs Padley

Mrs Moore

Year 4 (4R)

Mr Rose

Year 5 (5B)

Miss Batchelor

Miss Banga

Year 5 (5K)

Miss Khatun

Year 6 (6B)

Mrs Buggins

Ms Ryder

Year 6 (6S)

Mr Smith

PPA Teachers

Mr Griffiths & Mr Moore (PE)

Intervention Team


Mrs Thurston (SENCO and AHT), Mrs Mitchinson (DHT), Mrs Rose (LSA) and Mrs Bingham (Y6)

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Manager - Michelle Gardner

Family Support Worker - Sarah Williams-Black

Office Staff



Business Manager: Mary Cummins

Administrators: Jenny Blackwood and Iyesha Pringle

Clerical Assistants: Sharon Haynes and Sarah Matthews



Catering Supervisor: Zoe Holland

Kelly Barr, Miriam Adams, Lynne Steele, Dimple Kaur, Sharon Hill




Building Services Manager: Jim Kozakiewicz

Senior Cleaner: Tracy Black

Tracy Black, Nikki Kelly, Pauline Sneddon, Faith Parker, Annette Stone, Amina Waseem, Miriam Adams, Alisha Heath









Required information:

Chair Person: Catherine Griffiths (co-opted)

Vice Chair: Mark Newton (co-opted)

Parent Governors: Gemma O'Neill and Andi Arsenie

Staff Governor: Julie Secker

LA Governors: Angela King

Co-opted Governors: Sophie Symington (staff), Adam Hickman, Adele Kershaw, Rosalind Venables

Clerk: Mary Cummins


Number of Employees earning over £100,000 - Nil