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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Fun activities for teachers and parents to keep children happy, healthy and focussed with everything from outdoor games to exercise videos to mental wellbeing activities.


We would like to introduce all families across the UK to The #DailyMileAtHome. It’s an easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children.

Get active with Joe Wicks
Sit down, relax and draw with Art for Kids Hub

Wellbeing activities

Take some time to relax to help with your social and emotional wellbeing.

Try something new with a member of your family


Go for a walk and look at the changes in nature


Close your eyes and listen to some calming music


Learn a bunch of jokes and tell them to your family and friends


In a quiet place, think of a happy or special time from your past - who is with you and why is it special? 

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children

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