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Cid and Mo visit school

On Friday 28th February, Cid and Mo, who are authors visited school. The day started with a whole school assembly, which was followed by workshops for each year group and a story telling session for Nursery, Reception and Year 1. Cid and Mo were really impressed by the creativity shown by all of the children. This is a copy of their website blog:


On Friday 28th February we visited The Oaks Primary School in Druids Heath. The day started with a train journey….

First of all, the train to Birmingham was late (a land slip!). Next, Cid nearly got trapped on the train to Exeter and finally, due to dangerous property (!) next to the line, another train was delayed! What a start!

When we finally arrived at the Oaks, Mrs Dodds made us very welcome and we managed to get ready for the assembly in 2 minutes flat!

The children in the assembly were amazing! They filed in quietly, listened carefully and we had some super volunteers. Their poor teacher had a few practical jokes played on her - it was really funny!

The workshops started with Year 6 and finished with Year 2. The ideas the children came up with were brilliant! Two boys acted out an excellent visit to Uncle Tallis’ shop with time travel. Other ideas included slow motion, freezing, telekinesis, invisibility hats, control rings, potions that created huge spiders, time travel, turning into water and slime, becoming somebody famous, slugs, snails, dogs, cats, monsters….the list was endless! What fantastic imaginations the children had! The even gave us some poems that they had written that day about the magical shop – they were so funny!

Our storytelling session with the younger children was lovely. Again the children demonstrated super listening skills! We had volunteers for Billy and Sam who helped to teach Mrs Grimshaw a lesson – thank you to the teacher who was willing to be a bit of a clown;)

Thankfully the journey back was a little more straight forward!

We hope the children enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Keep reading, keep writing and keep talking!

Cid and Mo