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Welcome to Nursery


The staff working in Nursery are Ms Power and Mrs Bull with the 3 and 4 year olds.  Mrs Partridge joins us on Thursday and Friday.  

Ms Brough and Ms Gallacher work with the 2 year olds and Ms Flint joins us on Thursday and Friday.

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  • Each day remember to bring a bottle of water with your name on

  • Wear a warm coat with a hood as we go outside to play every day

  • Bring your book back on Friday and you can choose a new book

If you need to contact nursery, please phone the school office or use the email address below:

Nursery Tour

Virtual tour of the nursery room for three and four year old children.

Two Year Old Nursery Tour

Virtual tour of the nursery room for two year old children.

Autumn Term 2nd Half

We had a singing concert in nursery on December 16th and have recorded it for parents to listen to. We did one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We have put photos and the singing on Tapestry for parents to enjoy individually. Please email if you need a Tapestry login.
In November we enjoyed reading and retelling the story "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury   We have had great fun hunting for bears inside and outside nursery. Here's at look at some of our searching.

World Nursery Rhyme Week is always in November, rhymes are very important to young children. We say rhymes every day in Nursery. Learning these by heart helps children to develop good reading skills as they learn and grow.



First Half Term in Nursery 2020