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Weekly Reading Homework


Your child will have the opportunity to choose and change story books throughout the week when they return their book bag. We want to develop your child's love of reading right from the very start of Nursery. You can support your child to do this by reading, telling and sharing books and stories with them at home. Please read a bedtime story to your child each night. This will help develop a routine and support your child's developing language and vocabulary. 


Talk to your child about the stories you read and ask questions:

1. What is this book called?

2. What is the book about?

3. What happens next?

4. Why did that happen?

5. Who read the book with you?

6. Who is the book about?

7. Can you tell me about anyone else in the story?

8. Can you tell me about the illustrations?

9. Do you want to hold the book and turn the pages?

10.Did you like this book?

11. What did you like/dislike about it?


Remember... Your child can change their reading book as often as they bring in their book bag. Sometime a child might want a book repeatedly for a week or even longer and if they are enjoying listening to and join in with the verses.