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Home Learning at The Oaks Nursery


To help your child consolidate their learning we will be suggesting tasks, activities and fun experiences for you to have a go at together at home.


Please look at this page each week to find new ideas. 


If you would like to send in photos or videos of any of the home learning, please either add them to your child's Tapestry or email them to


We would love to see them!





Aut 2 week 4

Concept of the week- Night


This week's key word is Night. Together you could try these activities to support our new vocabulary-

-Look at how the day slowly changes to nighttime and discuss the changes they see (i.e. it becomes darker, the stars and moon appear, we can no longer see the sun).

-Talk about what things we do at nighttime and how they differ to the things we do in the day. 

- Role play putting baby dolls or teddies to bed because it is night-time. 





This week we have also been looking at Subsidising - this is where you recognise a small amout with out having to count them.



Subsidising is an innate ability, but it can get forgotten in young children.  You can help your child to keep and extend this skill but playing simple games with small amounts of objects- for example could throw up to 4 balls in to a hoop and ask your child how many went in the hoop and how many did not - can they tell you without having to count them. 


Looking at spots on a dice or domino is also good for this. Can they find the domino with 3 spots without counting?

Aut 2 week 3 


Concept of the week - Hungry 


Our special word this week is 'hungry'. We have looked at how the all the animals were very hungry in the story The Gruffalo and we made the Gruffalo some special cakes to fill his belly.


Try to include your child in a cooking activity this week (maybe they could help to wash the vegetables, stir the soup or lay the table) and talk about how the foods we eat fill us up, so we are not hungry.


We would love to see your child helping in the kitchen so please up-load any photos to Tapestry.

Week - 31st October 2022

The number 3 

Our number of the week is number 3. Please talk to your child about this number. Look out for the number 3 on houses, buses etc.... Count out 3 pieces of fruit, count out 3 coins or buttons, encourage your child to touch and count saying the numbers in order. Can you spot groups of three on your walks (3 lights on the traffic lights, 3 birds in a tree). 

Make a butterfly three - fold a piece of paper in half and ask your child to draw the wings for one side of the butterfly like a number 3. Say over a wing and under a wing. Cut around the number 3 outline and open it up to make a butterfly.