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PE lessons

Autumn 1 2018/19


KS1 are currently looking at Gymnastics and Basketball in their PE lesson. They are learning to create different balances on and off the equipment and are beginning to put them together to make sequences during gymnastics. In Basketball they are practicing their close ball control and dribbling as well as the different ways that we can pass the ball.


KS2 are currently looking at developing their Basketball and Hockey skills further, building on what they learnt in the previous year. They have been improving on all of their skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and finding space and have even designed activities to improve their dribbling skills. which is all leading up to a game based final lesson where they can show off the skills they have learnt in a tournament format. They have also been officiating those games fairly following the school games values of honesty and respect towards each other.



Photos of PE in Autumn 1