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Your child will be bringing home a class reading book and a reading for pleasure book each week. The difference and expectations for these books are as follows:


Class reader - This book is at your child’s reading ability and level, and has been carefully chosen to support your child to develop their reading skills and fluency. We expect that your child practises reading with this book either to yourself or another family member for ten minutes daily. We request that this book is returned to school every day with your child as he/she may be reading from the same text in class. Please can you ensure that you sign your child’s reading record every time you listen to them reading. You are welcome to share comments about your child’s reading progress.


Reading for pleasure book - This book is chosen by your child. It may be way easier than their ability or may be much more difficult than they are able to read. The idea of this book is that it is for you to share and read to/with your child purely for enjoyment, maybe at bedtime or during a quiet time after dinner. This book should be returned at least weekly but can be returned and changed more often if desired.


Book Bags - These are available to order from the front office at school but you are welcome to source your book bag form any supplier. We prefer that every child has a book bag that they can use daily to keep books, reading records, homework and school letters safe and dry on journeys to and from school.


We look forward to reading your reading journal comments and sharing your child’s reading progress this year.