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The Oaks Primary School

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Welcome to Reception 


The staff working in Reception are Mrs Secker (RRS), Mrs Reeves (RRS), Miss Johnson (RJ), Mrs Parry and Mrs Shakespeare.

Reception staff Mrs Parry, Mrs Secker, Mrs Reeves, Mrs Shakespeare, Miss Johnson

Mrs Parry - Learning Support Assistant in RRS.
Mrs Secker - Early Years Lead Practioner
Mrs Reeves - Teacher RRS
Mrs Shakespear - Learning Support Assisstant RJ
Miss Johnson - Teacher RJ

Spring 1 - What can I become?


This half term has been all about 'growing up'. We have looked at the human life cycle and how we have changed. We have also been looking at the importance of jobs and what we would like to do when we grow up. We have focused on shopkeepers, hairdressers, astronauts, teachers, builders and other people who help us. 


Autumn 2 - How do we celebrate?


This term we have been looking at festivals from the UK and around the world. We have focused on Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Hanukah, and Christmas. 


Other exciting things we did this half term, was perform our Fantastic Nativity, hold a Christmas workshop for parents and not forgetting our festive trip to see Kipper's Snowy Day at the Mac. 



Learning in November

Medium term planning for Autumn 1 - What makes me, me?

Autumn 1 - What makes me, me?


In this term we have been looking at what makes us special, people in our families, our likes and dislikes and how to be a good friend.