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Spring term has been very busy in our Reception classes. Children have been developing their skills across all areas of the curriculum. They are becoming keen readers and writers as well as showing us their mathematical brains through lots of problem solving.

Spring Term

We looked at two topics to inspire children during spring term. Did dragons really exist? and Why cant we have chocolate for breakfast?

During the Second Half term of Autumn Reception children are exploring Light and Dark. we have been finding out how shadows are made. Reception children have made shadow puppets from the Rama and Sita Diwali celebration story and used these in our dark den to make their own Diwali stories. We have also been finding out about celebrations that involve light and dark, fireworks and candles. 

Thursday 18th June


The children had a lovely day today at the Butterfly farm in Stratford. The weather was dry and sunny so we also had time to play in the park and a picnic on the grass. The children were so well behaved and we are very proud of them.

Thursday 4th June


The children have explored shaving foam this week.

They have used it as 'glue' to stick blocks together, enjoyed feeling it and rubbing it into their hands and some children explored rubbing it onto their cheeks and looking at themselves in mirrors. Some children even used lollipop sticks to 'shave'.

Friday 24th April


The nursery children are enjoying watching our stick insects and tadpoles grow. We have been hunting for minibeasts outside. Look at the photos to see what we found.

We have also been exploring our creativity outside. We used natural materials to create some 'tree faces'. 

Friday 17th April


We are learning about minibeasts in Nursery. This week, our stick insects have hatched from their tiny eggs, the last of our butterflies emerged from their cacoons and we let them go and now, we have tadpoles in class! We are going to watch them grow and change. We are being very careful and learning how to care for them in class. 


Our minibeasts

Friday 13th March


This week we have been reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. 

The children have really enjoyed a range of activities, especially fruit tasting. 

Friday 13th March


Comic Relief fun - painting our faces funny for money

Friday 27th February


We have been strengthening our arm and shoulder muscles today, by being 'human spirographs'. It was great fun!

Wednesday 4th February


We have been using 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' as a stimulus in nursery this week. Look at some of the different activities we have doing. 

Mixing and grinding spices and adding to porridge oats.

Friday 12th December


Today the children enjoyed working their arm muscles to create some spinning art work.

Tuesday 9th December


Today we went to Hatton Country World on our trip. We had lots of fun feeding the goats and sheep, cuddling the cute guinea pigs, exploring the soft play area and, of course, we saw Santa! We were so busy that we all fell asleep on the coach, on the way back home.

Friday 5th December


This week we have enjoyed using paint programs on the interactive whiteboard and have been learning to use the 'fill tool'. We also practised taking turns. 




Using the 'fill tool'

Thursday 4th December


We have been using different materials to create monsters in the play dough. Look how many eyes they have, we have been trying to count them. 


Thursday 20th November


We love sensory activities!

Look at the slime we have been exploring.

Wednesday 19th November


Today the children used a range of small stones, beads and jewels to create art work on mirrors. Look how fantastic they are!

Friday 14th November


Today we went on a shadow hunt. We couldn't find any shadows when the sun hid behind the clouds but then it came out again and we found lots of shadows.

These are the photos we took by ourselves!

Going on a shadow hunt

Monday 10th November


We are in the new nursery building! It looks fantastic and we have worked very hard to get it ready in time for the children's return after half term.


This half term, our topic is 'What is a shadow?'

We will be investigating shadows, finding out about light sources and exploring light and dark.

Friday 24th October


We are really excited to be moving over to the Dell Meadow building next week. The children have been to look at the new building and have been helping to pack our toys up ready for the move. 



Friday 3rd October


Our Nursery children have been with us for 4 weeks now and are really starting to settle down. They have been exploring the classroom and outside area,  are learning new routines, getting used to the new faces and beginning to play with each other.

We have started our topic for this half term 'How many colours in a rainbow?' and have been having lots of fun, engaging the children in colour activities.

Friday 3rd October


Today the children enjoyed making rainbows with coloured rice.

Look at the photos to see how good they look!

Tuesday 1st October


We have been going on colour hunts around the school. We matched them to our colour cards.b Look at all of the colours we found!

Monday 29th September


We have been exploring lots of sensory materials in different colours.

We love to put our hands in and get messy!

Friday 26th September


Today we all enjoyed baking coloured cakes. We weighed, mixed and poured everything by ourselves. Then we baked them and the teachers put them together and iced them. What a surprise it was when we saw inside - rainbow cakes!

Tuesday 23rd September


Today we have been making some huge paintings outside. We used lots of different things to apply the paint - even our feet! It was great fun and the paintings look amazing.