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Rights Respecting Council

We are a GOLD standard Rights Respecting School!

Welcome to the Rights Respecting Council


We are made up of pupils from each class. Our aim is to promote children's rights throughout the school. We meet up every half term with Mrs Reeves to discuss our rights and share our ideas. 


If you want to share your opinion with the school, speak to your Class Rights Councillor, so they can bring it up in our next meeting. 


Below you can look at the CRC and find out more about your rights. 

Find out who is the School/ Rights Council for your class.

Meet Polly

This is Polly, she is our Rights Respecting School Mascot.


Polly was designed by a former pupil at our school, during our ROC phase. The Rights Council agreed that Polly would make a fabulous mascot, and she was voted the winner. Her rainbow colours remind us that everyone has rights no matter their race, religion, beliefs or background (Article 2) and a parrots ability to speck reflects our right to express our opinions and be heard (Article 12).


Each class has a small parrot soft toy that are used by teachers when learning about the RRSA . You will also see her picture around school, helping us to recognise areas in school that link to the CRC.

Sustainability Week 2022


During Sustainability Week , we learned about the Global Goals and how one small change can make a big impact. 


Each class made a pledge to help.


  • Year 6 pledged to help reduce inequalities and support gender equality by sharing the message of Pride month (Global Goal 9).
  • Year 5 pledged to use less water (Global Goal 6)
  • Year 4 Pledged to walk to school more often to help air pollution and global warming (Global Goal 13)
  • Year 3 have decided to focus on saving resources and zero waste. They have appointed an Eco Monitor for their classes that are champion for the class and remind people about the importance of saving resources (Global Goal 12).
  • Year 2 are focusing on the impact of food poverty and will be growing food produce to donate to families in our local community, in need (Global Goal 2). They are also making a Wellbeing Garden to support the wellbeing of everyone in school (Global Goal 3)
  • Year 1 focused on the importance of Recycling. The children appointed a recycling bin monitor to help decide which items show go in each waste bin (Global Goal 12). The children also pledged to use less paper to help the rainforest (Global Goal 15).

Find out more about Global Goals and how you can help here Homepage - The Global Goals 

Upcoming Events 


  • Unicef Outright Campaign - this years theme is on supporting Children's Mental Health. We will be completing this is the Summer Term. (Articles 12, 13, 24 31)
  • 30 Days Wild - Ks1 will be taking part in a series of outdoor challenges during the month of June, designed to improve their wellbeing (Articles 12, 13, 24, 31)
  • Dove Self-esteem project- to enhance our learning on mental health Years 5 and 6 have signed up to Dove's Self Esteem project. This is a series of lessons around self esteem and bullying (Articles 24, 31)

Past Events This Year


  • The Big Breaktime - for Childhood day- Learn about our Right to rest and play. 
  • Walk to school week - get fit and help the environment 
  • Shoe Share - Week Beginning 7th February 2022- we brought in our old shoes and we donated them to Clarks who will recycle them and donate money to UNICEF so they can help children access Education. Article 28. 
  • Sustainability Week - Week Beginning 14th February 2022- Learn about the Global Goals and how to build a greener future. 
  • Green Day - Friday 18th February 2022- we dressed in Green to celebrate being a Global Goals ambassadors.


We are committed to the RRSA