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School Games Week

School Sports Week at The Oaks

Monday Years 1 and 2 activities day.


Children in each year group split up into their house teams and competed in a variety of activities; archery boxing, football and multi skills. During each activity, each team was given a score against each of the 6 school game values for how well they participated. The children had a great day and enjoyed taking part in all the activities. 

Tuesday Year 3 and 4 activity day


In the morning year 3 took part in a multi-skill competition and boxing. 

In the afternoon year 4 split up into their 4 house teams and went round competing in 4 different activities; archery, rebounding, boxing and circuit training.


Both year groups were scored during each activity against the school game values. 



Year 2 Multi-skills morning


The children in year 2 split up into their house teams and then went round completing 9 different activities, testing their throwing, catching and balancing skills. Year 5 Play leaders came down to set up and run the activities and to keep a score of the teams efforts. 


Year 4,5,6 School games afternoon

This was suppose to be all children in these year groups participating in 5 different competitions; football, hockey, rounders, dodgeball and rebounding. Unfortunately  This had to be cancelled due to ran. However year 5 utilised the indoor space and spent the afternoon completing various activities in their teams being scored against the school games values. 

Thursday Sports Day


Unfortunately due to the rain all day we had to cancel all sports days for the different year groups. However each class were able to go down into the hall at different points in the day to take part in a variety of races in their team. Chestnut were the overall winners of the races, closely followed by birch. Year 6 had to run an extra race to decide the winner as both Birch and Chestnut had a tied score at the end of all the races. 



Reception repeat Sports Day

Since their sports Day with parents got cancelled the day before due to rain, reception went out in the morning to recreate their sports day this time in the sun. 


Year 3 and 4 School Games Afternoon

All children in year 3 and 4 were split up into their house teams, with each house team having an A and B team. Each group then went round and competed in a variety of sports; Football, Hockey, Rounders, Archery, Dance. As well as getting points for winning in their activities they also got given a score against each of the school games values.

Final Scores from Sports Week

Chestnut 612

Birch 626

Willow 584

Elm 593

11th July- 15th July 2016 was Sports Week at The Oaks.

Monday...Sports Day

On the Monday all children from reception to year 6 had their sports day.  Years 1 and 2 were the first to kick off the day with their sports day being 9:30-10:45am. They took part in a variety of traditional races on the junior playground.

They then passed the baton over to KS2 who continued the traditional races from 10:45-12pm.
To finish the day reception took part in lots of different races on the infant playground. The activities were run by the Sports Crew, who were lead by the sports crew leaders who decided what races to do, and the order to do them in.

Tuesday.... KS1 Olympic themed day

All children in KS1 had a fun filled morning or afternoon completing Olympic themed activities with a sporting company who came in for the day.

Wednesday.......Year 3 Olympic Activities

Again we had a company come in who ran a variety of activities all day for year 3 to take part in around the theme of the Olympics.

Thursday.... years 4,5,6 School Game competition

All children in years 4,5,6 were split into 8 teams. They then went round competing in a variety of competitions; hockey, football, rounders', dodge ball and vigour boarding. During each competition they were scored not only based on how well they competed the competition but they also were scored against each school game value.

Final results from Sports Week