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Welcome to Science at The Oaks Primary School!

Science is the study of nature and how things work, the reasons behind every-day things. It’s about making strange, mysterious, and complicated things become things we understand. It is about measuring and testing things, and trying to find rules about how things work by testing them fairly. Working scientifically helps develop critical thinking skills, and has lots of links to other subjects, especially Maths and Design Technology. At The Oaks we try to make Science lessons as practical and enjoyable as possible.


This year we are really excited to be working with Empiribox, again. All the children in KS2 will be given the chance to plan their own experiments, collect data and analyse their results. Empiribox gives the children the chance to have lots of hands on experience.

Empiribox believes that to reverse the decline in UK science graduates, we must start by engaging and inspiring children at KS2.

The National Curriculum asks schools to emphasise the scientific method as well as teaching core science facts. The only way to learn these skills is by doing practical science.

Empiribox provides everything needed, organised and in one place for practical science in  KS2 every week of every term. The schemes have been developed by teachers for teachers. Every term Empiribox provide a new set of experiments for all the children, training to give teachers confidence and professional resources for the schemes of work, lesson plans and the support needed to teach practical science.


Empiribox coverage for KS2
National curriculum programme of study
Key stage 1 science overviews