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Sporting Competitions and Achievements

Summer 2 

Year 5/6 Golf

We went to cocksmoors leisure centre for a golf competition Team A came 1st Team B came 4th and Team C came 5th. We loved it, I would definitely go again. We learnt that golf isn’t just for old people. We could’ve done better by practicing our golf skills before the competition.

By Sky and Kyra year 6


Year 3/4 Golf

We went to cocksmoors leisure centre mini golf range. We went to play a golf competition, we came 2nd in the competition. I would like to go again because I really enjoyed playing golf. I learnt that I can play better than I believed I could. We got silver medals. We could’ve improved by not taking as many shots.

By Logan Year 4


Year 5/6 Golf (School Games Finals)

We went to King Edward girls school to take part in a golf competition. We finished in the top 10 schools in Birmingham. I enjoyed when we putted the ball. I would like to go again. I learnt how to chip the ball. We got loads of points but we could’ve improved by practicing more.

By Nathan Year 4



All children from year 6 went sailing at Edgebaston Reservoir. They had great fun learning new skills and tring something different. They learn a lot about the school value teamwork and working together to get the boat to move across the water.


Gimme 5 years 1 and 2

We took part in a Gimme 5 competition against Hollywood we did some throwing, kicking, running and balancing activities. Year 2 finished 2nd and Year 1 won their competition. I enjoyed running, all of the sports and that my mom came to watch. I would like to go again. I learnt how to kick the ball better. I got 9 points for my team on the beanbag game. We could’ve done a little bit better on the running activity.

By Jaylee, Ethan and Nyla Year 2 & 1



Some children from year 5 and 6 went to Kings Norton Girls School to take part in the rounders tournament. We had great fun. Before going we had a competition on the playground playing games and showing off our skills. Next time we go we are going to train harder so we can score more points.




Well done Omina for being selected to join the district team.


Good luck to Issac taking part in Solihull trail this half term.



Well done Ruby and Jaylee for coming second in the cheerleading ICE competition.



Summer 1


Year 3/4 Super 4s Athletics

We went to Kings Norton girls School to take part in an athletics competition we went to go and try to win a trophy. We had to do a 300m run, a 60m run, a standing long jump and a javelin throw. We finished 6th . I enjoyed every sport I had to do and I would love to go again. I learnt how to throw further by putting one leg in front of the other. We all worked as a team to win. Next time we are going to encouraged each other more.

By Laila Year 4


Year 4 Cross Country

We went to Walkers Heath Park, to take part in a running competition. We had to do a long distance run. I really enjoyed running as it is challenging. I would like to run again in a competition like this. I learnt that running is good exercise. We all tried our best. I could’ve been better if I was more confident in my ability.

By Hayden Year 4



Well done Laila, Katy, Kyron, Kieran and Kaylin for being selected to join the district team.

Spring 2



Year 5 Cricket

We had cricket coaches from Bourneville come in to teach us a series of lessons playing cricket. Unfortunately  we were unable to take part in the competition as it can cancelled due to rain.

Some children were invited to go to Bourneville training ground; 

We went to Bourneville training ground to learn how to play cricket.

I enjoyed hitting the ball and bowling the ball.

I felt like I could have hit the ball more often.

I could use the hitting and bowling in the game to help me win.

By Harry & Lycan


Year 2 Multiskills

We went to billesley tennis centre to try and beat other schools at lots of fun games. We did lots of activities involving batting, running, jumping, throwing and kicking. It was really fun and I would like to go again. I learnt how to throw the beanbag over the net. We were really good at the running relay which was really tricky. We could’ve tried harder and worked better as a team.

By Ethan & Jaylee



Year 5 had cricket training with coaches from Bournville. 2 children from year 5 Harry and Lycan they received a free 6 weeks scholarship to Bournville Cricket club where they still go to practice now.

Spring 1


Year 5 Cross Country

We went to Walkers Heath park to compete in a running competition.

We wanted to win the event but overall we came 4th, even with us coming 4th myself and the team had a really good time. I would like to do it again.

I learnt that if you cheat and cut corners you will be disqualified.

We almost won, I could have kept on going rather than slowing down.

By Lycan


Year 3/4 Sporthall Athletics

We went to Billesley Tennis Centre to take part in athletics. We took part in events such as jumping, throwing and running.

I learnt how to jumper further, run faster which helped me to win a race.

By Kaylin & Kirilee


Year 3/4 and 5/6 Gymnastics

We went to Kings Heath boys school to do gymnastics to win a trophy. We had to do a difficult routine and we came first.

I would go again, I learnt a lot from competing in gymnastics.

All of our teams from 3/4 & 5/6 won gold and received medals.

By Kaide & Elijah

Autumn 2

Year 5/6 Dodgeball

We went to Kings Heath Boys School, to take part in a Dodgeball competition against other schools. We finished 2nd after winning 3 games and losing just 1. I really enjoyed it and would love to go again. I learnt how to dodge the balls and that if you caught the ball the person who threw the ball was out. We could’ve done better by bringing more people so that we could split the teams more.

By Jamie Year 5


Year 5/6 Basketball

We went to Kings Heath Boys School and we played in a basketball competition. We played 3 games we won 1 and lost 2. I enjoyed playing basketball with some of my friends. I learnt what a double dribble was. It was really good when we won our game as we tried really hard. I could’ve done better by scoring some more points.

By Kyron year 5


Year 5/6 Hockey

We went to Hollywood Primary School for a Hockey competition to represent our school. We really enjoyed it and would like to go again. We scored a lot of goals and learned how to properly play hockey. We could’ve been a lot better by defending better.

By Depayo and Elijah Year 6