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Sports and activities at lunch time

Play Leaders


During this year, Kings Heath Sports Partnership have provided training sessions for 12 children in Year 4 followed by 12 children in Year 5. This equipped them with ideas of games they could run on the playground and ideas they could use to help them deliver fun sessions during both break and lunch time. 


On the playground

During lunch times, at least 4 different children from Year 4 visit children on the KS1 playground during their lunch time. They run a variety of activities for the KS1 children to participate in.


'It’s great playing games with the play leaders at lunch time.' Year 1 child


'I really have fun teaching the younger children games.' Year 4 play leader


'I have something to do at lunchtime when I am play leading. I enjoy showing others how to play games.' Year 4 play leader


'We play Dragon's Treasure with Reception and Year 1. The younger children love being the dragon. I love inspiring the younger ones with games to play.' Year 4 play leader


'I love playing Pirates On Board. You can give them different commands for them to do, you can add more and more commands and do as many as you want. I like to get a chance to interact with children I normal don't and I then get to know them more.' Year 4 play leader


'I love playing Tig, Duck Duck Goose and Hide and Seek. I like it how they listen to me and getting children to join in. ' Year 4 Play leader


Play leaders from year 5 have been leading games in their playground with their peers during lunchtime. They have an area where they can set up their own activity with equipment out of the shed. 


During breakfast club

During breakfast club, older children set up activities for the younger children to play with. When the younger children want someone to play with they go to a play leader who helps set up a game or activity for them to do.


'If I don't know what to do, I can go to a Play Leader and they can help me play games.' Year 2 child.


'I love helping the younger children during the morning.' KS2 Play Leader


Sports Clubs

At different points in the year, children express an interest in supporting or running a club themselves; they meet with Mr Moore who will then help them organise when, where and how the club will run. Children set up a variety of clubs themselves at lunch time and after school including:  running club, gymnastics, cheerleading and dance.


Gimme 5 Festival

The leaders of the Sports Council use Play leaders and other children to help organise and officiate the Gimme 5 competitions. These are against local schools throughout the year.


Sports week

Our play leaders and Sports Council help organise and run the different sports days. The Sports Council plan and decide what activities to do during the week, and what races to include during sports day. The Play Leaders help run each of the activities and support with the setting up as well as delivery of the different events. 

Playleaders helping with breakfast club

Playleaders working at lunchtime on the playgrounds

Play leaders times table 2017-18


This year we decided to use a blank timetable each week where children sign up for which day/days they want to work that week. This was due to lots of new exciting clubs that lots of children wanted to go to. 


Katy was in charge of putting up the new timetable each week and checking that children were doing their duty.