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Sports Crew and Sports Council

Sports Crew

This year we have created a new sports council in school. Children were again selected from years 4,5 and 6 at the start of the year and were given a sport to oversee for the year.  Whilst being in charge of their own sport, they were in charge of promoting that sport in school, increasing participation in that sport at lunchtimes and playtimes, sorting out the teams for competitions during the year and holding intra-school competitions to help them choose the teams etc. 


The sports Council meet every 2-3 weeks to discuss how their sport was doing and other areas of sport in school. 


Some of the things discussed at the meetings are:

Sorting and organising of competitions. 

Play leaders and how to monitor them at lunchtimes.

After school clubs, participation and what clubs to have each half term. 

Discussion of School Games Values.

Discussing what is a healthy lifestyle and how can we promote it.

New ways to engage reluctant pupils.


In charge of Football and Year 4 Play leaders.

Hi I'm Logan and I really like Football. I am really good at it I also play fair in it. We pick random Captains and when I am a captain I try to pick the average players and pass the ball to them so they have time on the ball.



In charge of Athletics.

Hi my name is Elijah,I love doing sports and I think that all children should deserve to have their 3 hours P.E  time. I like to play 


In charge of Playleaders and Dance.



In charge of Breakfast Club and Dance.



In charge of Gymnastics.



In charge of Playleaders and Running.