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Times Tables

Quick times tables recall is such an important skill to have in Year 6 as it helps with nearly every part of your daily maths lessons, but also is key to achieving the level you want in your SATS!


Every fortnight as part of your homework you will be having a new times table to learn.  We will be chanting these in the classroom and practising as registration tasks in the morning and afternoon.  


I will expect EVERYONE to be working on these at home and would like to spend a little bit of time every night rehearsing the times table of the week. 


I will be rewarding you with celebration certificates if you can tell me the times table of the week without pause, hesitation or counting.


I will expect you to recall them in the following style:


1 x 1 = 1

2 x 1  = 2

3 x 1 = 3 and so on.......

01-11- Times 0 and 1.mp3

01-02- Times 2.mp3

01-03- Times 3.mp3

01-04- Times 4.mp3

01-05- Times 5.mp3

01-06- Times 6.mp3

01-07- Times 7.mp3

01-08- Times 8.mp3

01-09- Times 9.mp3

01-01- The Whole Rap.mp3