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All children leading

The children get a variety of opportunities to lead through the PE curriculum and during other times in school;

During the PE lessons, children get the opportunity to lead the warm up at the start of the sessions. examples during the year have been children leading the stretches during gymnastics lessons. The infants splitting up to 3 circles in dance and thinking about what body parts they are going to be using. The children then take it in turns going round the circle coming up with ideas to warm up the different parts we will be using. In the juniors children will split up into groups at the start of the session and a different person in their group will lead their warm up each session during a unit of work. Other examples include children leading whole class warm ups- while getting changed children are shown the equipment available and they have to think about what game they could play using the equipment, then one child is chosen to lead the warm up activity they have created to the rest of the class. 

During lessons the children are often given open ended tasks where they create their own games and rules with the equipment given. They then need to explain their games to other groups.

During tennis in year 3 children were shown the skills needed for serving. They then went and created their own activities to practice these skills. We then looked at different activities they had created and discusses how to make them harder or easier for people to join in.

During their Athletics lessons children in year 6 are given the opportunity to plan and deliver an athletics competition to children lower down in the school.

In Gymnastics sessions children often watch each other. They then evaluate each others work and work together to improve areas of their sequences and movements. 

In football in years 3 and 4 sessions 1 person in each group watches while the others complete the activity. They then are able to talk to the others about what they are doing well and what they need to improve. 

We often use the ipad to video each others work and so we can show each other what they are doing well and what they can improve. The children when making up dances find this very useful and often take it in turns to film their dances they are creating so they can evaluate their work.


Pupil voice:

'I like the chance to make up my own games and have the chance to lead others'   year 4 child.


'I like making up games and seeing if they will work.' Harry year 4


'We prefer it when we make up our own activities as we can use our own ideas and know how to change them to help people be able to do it.' year 4 pupil.



Engaging at least 15% of the student in leading, managing and officiating in school Games activity. 


The Sports Crew organise and look after the play leaders at lunch time. They are able to sort out any issues and help make sure the play leaders know what to do.



During lunch time, children have the chance to help Mr Wilson and Mr Moore with the activities they are running. They help to keep the score, time the games and help umpire games that are happening in the ball cage.

Use of Sport Coaches

During 2016-17 we had Solihull football coaches come in to run a breakfast clubs each week as well as 2 after school clubs where children were able to attend.

We also have companies come in who supply us with coaches to deliver a wide range of activities including, archery, fencing, boxing, vigour boarding, rebound.

Each coach undertakes an induction before starting their club. They also help promote their own clubs, which they are apart of outside school.


'The coach told gave me details of her dance club and I going to go and try it out.' Laila year 3


'The coach helped me improve my aiming' year 2 pupil.


'The coach help me get better at boxing. I am good at boxing and I want to go to more clubs now.' Ethan year 1


Go see our club links page for more information about clubs children are going to.

Training of Staff

In March Mr Moore went on a Tennis Course. During this training, he was shown how to deliver a series of lesson to build up children's ability in tennis.

Once back at school, Mr Moore planned and delivered a series of 6 tennis lessons using what he had learnt on the course with another member of staff watching. This helped train up another member of staff with all the information Mr Moore had learnt who then in turn was able to deliver a series of lessons to another class.


'I found it really useful watching someone who had been on a course deliver a series of lessons as it helped me to see how to build up the chidlrens knowledge over a series of lesson and how to fit 30 children into one hall at the same time with all of them participating at once.' Mrs Fry.


During the Spring term, Mrs Fry delivered a unit of Dance for year 2. Mr Moore watched and observed these lessons and then in turn delivered the same unit to the other year 2 class. The class teacher of this other class was able to watch Mr Moore deliver this unit and able to see how to teach a unit of dance.


'It was great being able to watch another teacher deliver a unit of dance, It really help me see how to build up a dance over a series of lessons and help show me better than just reading someone else's plan.' Mrs Wilson.


Mrs Fry went on several PE co-ordinators courses during this year. This help her liaise with other schools and discuss examples of best practice. It also gave her ideas and stratergies she could use to help improve and support the delivery of PE through the school.


Mrs Fry was able to go on a course called Power of an Active School. This gave her ideas for how to increase activity through out the school not only through PE lesson but during the rest of the school day.


Both Mr Moore and Mrs Fry went on the athletics course. This showed them what a good understanding they already had on delivering athletics throughout the years. It also allowed them to discuss and share ideas of different ways of achieving athletics objectives in a small confined space of a sports hall.   

Lunch time staff

Lunch time supervisors have been given booklets with ideas for activities and games that they can deliver on the playground at lunchtime. They have 2 play coordinators on the playground at lunch time who are able to show and demonstrate games which they can then play with the children. The play coordinators also set up the playground each lunchtime with a variety of activities which they are able to demonstrate to the lunchtime supervisors.