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Year 1

Summer Term 1


This half term we will be using our imaginations as we develop our own stories based on the book 'Stan's Stick'. We will be counting forward and backwards to 50 and skip counting in our 2's, 5's and 10's. In Science be will be planting sunflowers and observing how they grow and change each week. We continue to study local area in Geography and will then move on to looking at the UK.  Also this half term, we will be working very hard on our phonics to prepare ourselves for the up coming Year 1 Phonics Screening Check in June. 


The Phonics Screening Test is a short assessment taken in the second week of June (during the summer term) at the end of Year 1. It is part of the national curriculum assessment programme and is used to measure how well children can read letters and sounds and decode written words using their phonics skills. Children are expected to read aloud simple words 'one-to-one' to their teacher. Some of these words will be 'real words' and others will be 'alien words''nonsense words' or 'pseudo words' - made up words for pupils to demonstrate that they can use their phonics skills to decode unknown words. They are required to read phonically decodable one-syllable and two-syllable words.


You can help your child prepare for this test by reading regularly with your child at home and practicing the phase 3 and 5 phonic sounds below. 



Phonic sounds

Children's Mental Health Week - Support Balloons

Winter Poems

Exploring Winter

Spring term


This half term we will be writing Winter Poems and enjoying Animals Stories in English. This will link in nicely to the Seasons work we are starting in Science. 

In Maths we will be looking at numbers to 20. We will be building them, comparing them and writing them as words and numbers. Later, we will look at partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 

We will be exploring our local area in Geography, focusing on mapping skills and human and physical features. We are studying the Colour Wheel in Art and will investigate Primary and Secondary colours. We have Mrs Mapp back with us this half term, she will be leading our weekly singing, plus we are learning about Tempo and Dynamics in Music. 

We had a visitor!

Stan's Cafe -Stickman's journey

Stan's Cafe 


We are very lucky this year to be working with artists from Stan's Cafe. They have been helping us to extend our vocabulary through the use of Drama. 

Exploring Line in Art

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 1!!


We are so excited to have you in our classes this year. Your class teachers are Mrs Smith, Mrs Reeves and Mrs Lilwall. We  also have lots of other adults helping us in Year 1 with our phonics and maths work. Look out for Ms Rafique, Mrs Rose, Mrs Ryan,  Mrs Bird, Miss Hillis, Miss Hill, Mrs Secker and Mrs Hunter who will all be supporting us throughout our learning  journey. 

We will be starting the year, looking at traditional tales in our English and Science. We will even be investigating how to make the perfect house for the Three Little Pigs to stop the Big Bad Wolf!  In Maths we will be focusing on numbers to 20. 


All of you will be sent home with a reading book and a specific reading day. Please try to read a little bit everyday and then bring your books back on your day so that we can change them for you each week. 


Year 1 have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please make sure you have your named PE kit in school on these days. PE kits can be left in school for the whole term, they will then be sent home for washing. 


Please make sure you have a filled water bottle each day. Plain or flavoured water only please. Unfortunately, we are unable to refill water bottles during the day, so feel free to bring two! 


We look forward to getting to know you all and can't wait to see you learn and progress this year. 



Year 1 Key Instant Recall Facts for Maths

Marvellous maths!