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Year 2

Meet the year 2 team!

Learning from home.

Hi you lovely lot, hope you are all okay and getting on well with your home learning. The teachers have all been really busy trying to work out all the new technology so we can do the live lessons. It's been really frustrating sometimes but we are getting better at it all the time. 

Thank you to those children who have joined us for our live lessons and those who have been able to complete some of the other lessons online. Remember there is also IXL that you can do work on.

Another big thank you to those children who have sent in photos of their work.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday 26th. Until then keep working hard.


Remember if you have any questions or want to send pictures in we have the year 2 email address;     


From the year 2 team


Well done to all those children who have sent in photos of their learning.

Welcome to year 2 - 2020- 2021

Welcome back to The Oaks, it is lovely to see you all back in school. We have been really proud of the way you have settled into our new school routines and are working really hard. 


Meet the team

2H - Mrs Hunter, supported by Miss Bird, Miss Hillis and Mrs Ryan

2S - Mrs Symington and Mr Smith, supported by Miss Hillis, Mrs Ryan and Miss Bird


Please remember ...

Please remember to bring your water bottle to school everyday.

Please remember to bring your PE kits to school on Tuesday and Wednesday this year.

Please bring your book bag into school every week on the correct day.

Please bring your homework into school by Wednesday.















Dear 1S,


We just wanted to say hi to you all and let you all know that we are thinking about of you. It’s a very strange time and we miss seeing your smiling faces every morning, but don’t be sad, we are all doing our bit to help stop this virus and keep as many people safe as we can. We know that its hard staying in all the time, but we want you and your families to be safe and well. We are having to keep our children happy and entertained too!


Well done to all the children that have managed to do a little bit of work from the website. Don’t forget we want you to have fun with your learning. See how creative you can be; build a den and make up your own adventure story; paint or draw a rainbow to support our NHS; see how many different bugs you can find; maybe you could bake a cake. We look forward to the time when we can see you all again and watch you grow day by day. We can’t wait to hear about all the creative things you have been up to.


Stay home, stay safe and keep smiling.  Take care,


From Mrs Smith and Miss Parry x



Dear 1LG,


I thought that I would write to you to say a big hello and let you know that we all miss you and think about you every day. Mrs Smith, Mrs Gough and I have been using our time to plan some lovely activities that you can do at home. Every week we will add to the Kid’s Zone page a home learning sheet full of fun ideas to try. We are also setting you some Maths and English activities on IXL which is a learning website. We hope to see lots of you having a go at the tasks that are set.


Since I last saw you, I have been busy at home with my children. We have baked some cakes and planted some herb seeds. I also found a big glass pot that I didn’t need, and we turned it into a wormery! We have six worms living inside and it has been interesting seeing the new tracks they have made in the sand and soil! We have painted rainbows and clapped every Thursday evening to say thank you to the NHS. I have tried to teach my children how to knit a little bit and we have tried to keep up with our home-schooling work too.


Every day we go for a big walk and we keep in touch with our family on the computer. I have asked my children to try and write a little diary every day about the things they have done. It will be something special to read when they are all grown up! Maybe you could try and write a sentence or two about your days at home. If you can, keep your lovely pictures and activities safe and we can share all that we have done when we are back in school.


For now, stay home, stay safe and be kind.


Mrs Lilwall x



Hello lovely children of 1LG,


I have been missing starting my mornings with your wonderful smiles every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I hope you have been busy not only doing some of the learning that we have sent out but also playing games with your family, making things, using your imaginations and practicing those cool dance moves I know you all have.


I have been spending lots of time with my two girls, the baby has even learnt to walk since I last saw you. We have been keeping busy going for walks every day, making crafts, we’ve baked cookies, had dance parties and one day we even went on pretend holiday to Disneyland! I am also working hard with Mrs Lilwall and Mrs Smith to make sure that you have some fabulous activities to do at home, make sure to check the website and IXL every week to see the exciting new things we’ve added for you.


I want you to know how proud Mrs Lilwall and I are of you, firstly when we see you have been working hard but also with how well you are coping with such a strange situation. We know that when we next see you, you will have so much to tell us about what you did when school was closed and don't worry, when you come back we will be there waiting for you ready to help you learn loads of new things!


Stay home, stay safe and be kind. 


Mrs Gough x

Dear Parents / Carers,


Please find below the learning project for Year 1 children, for week beginning 30th March. This includes a suggested list of activities and web page links to online learning platforms, covering the main areas of the Year 1 curriculum.  


We hope that you are keeping well in these difficult times.  We are missing the children and look forward to when we can all be back at The Oaks.  


Stay safe and take care.


Love from the Year 1 Team  



Welcome to Year 1


The staff working in Year 1 are Mrs Lilwall (1LG), Mrs Gough(1LG), Mrs Smith (1S), Mr Griffiths (1S), Miss Parry, Ms Rafiq





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