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Year 2

 Well done all the children that are using IXL

        We have already earned 3 certificates this week!

                                     That is amazing!

To the whole of year 2

Just to say that I hope you are all okay and looking after each other. I was in work last week and it felt so strange not to have you all there with me. I really miss your smiley faces and just working with you and talking to you. Kenzie it was so good to see you and your little brother as you called into school, and Reuben and Rahamet it was good to hear your parents voices on the phone when they called in.

Well what a strange time we're having at the moment, I'm still not used to going into shops and not getting everything that I want. Last week I couldn't get any fruit so had to go to Beckett's Farm on the way home and buy a huge watermelon!

Mr Hunter and I finally moved house about 2 weeks ago and our new house is still looking very messy with boxes piled everywhere. We now live really close to the countryside and can go walking across the fields. There is a big tree on top of a hill that we walk past and every few days the children that live there write a message for everyone who passes as well as a bright, colourful rainbow. I've also seen lots of rainbows when I've driven into work and they make me smile knowing that some of them will be yours.

I hope you are enjoying working from home and are still working hard and practising your reading, writing and maths. The home learning packs are all on the website for you and I've been looking on IXL to see who's done their work. Keep it up, we've already got a certificate for completing more than 1000 questions, let's see if we can get to 5000!

Can I also take this time to let you know that a few weeks ago Mrs Harris decided she wanted a promotion at work, she successfully applied for a job at another school and will be starting work there when we go back to school. It has been brilliant working alongside Mrs Harris and I hope she is very happy at her new school. So year 2 you are now left with me, Miss Bird, Mrs Ryan, Miss Hillis and Miss Hill whilst we are working from home.

I'll leave you now, but keep updating this page to say what I've been up to. Remember to keep working hard, stay safe, stay home and look after each other.

Mrs Hunter, Miss Bird, Miss Hill, Miss Hillis and Mrs Ryan



Miss Bird has crocheted a beautiful rainbow for me
This is the tree at the top of the hill.

Welcome to Year 2. This year we have Mrs Harris teaching 2T and Mrs Hunter teaching 2K, also working with us are Miss Bird (2K), Mrs Ryan (2T) and Miss Hillis (2T). We are working hard to make the curriculum really engaging this year and have lots of amazing trips and visitors planned throughout the year.

PE this year will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

World Mental Health Day

Black Country Museum