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Year 2

Thank you again all those people who have sent in photos, they really brighten my week.wink

Fatima these are beautiful.
Have you tested your kite yet?
Well done Harrison, love the rocket.
This is amazing.
Can I have one of these please?
Well done Fatima.
Good work, kee it up!
Wow, the window looks amazing.
I'm glad your plants are starting to grow.
Love the bug hotel
Let me know when the bugs move in.
You must be super fit.
Did you win the bingo?
Looks like a lovely park.
Just a little bit of building work.
Well done.
Good ideas, nice new shoes!
I love the new home for the fleas
Glad you're enjoying your learning
Good story plan
What are you growing? Let me know please!
Still working hard
No wonder you got lots of certificates this week.
I like the story.
This park looks lovely
And still working hard!
Nice weather to be out and about safely.
Good clay work.
Is that a caterpillar?
Wow, you are really busy!
This is lovely.
Well done
That looks lovely.
Nice work.
Gosh they're growing fast.
Let me know when they hatch.
What were you making? Hope it was delicious.

Well done you lovely lot. We have earned lots of certificates this week. By working together we have answered nearly 30,000 questions. You are amazing, keep it up!