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Year 2

Picture 1 Well done, keep up the hard work
Picture 2 Wow, you have had a really busy week.
Picture 3 Good work on life cycles.
Picture 4 Love the bunting
Picture 5 Aging the notes on WW2
Picture 6 Love the ballet!
Picture 7 Nice to see you've been really active
Picture 8 I love the web and spider
Picture 9 I really like the minibeast you created
Picture 10 Happy 7th birthday
Picture 11 Gosh it looks like you got lots of lovely presents
Picture 12 A new keyboard
Picture 13 Opening presents
Picture 14 You look like you really like this present.
Picture 15 Nice card
Picture 16 Enjoying the sunshine on your birthday
Picture 17 Well done, keep up the hard work
Picture 18 Practise makes perfect
Picture 19 Still going strong, excellent work