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Year 3

Hello Year 3, 


Last week was an extremely busy week for the Year 3 team! We have enjoyed speaking to many of you and your parents/carers on the phone and we were lucky enough to speak to some of you smiley


We are so, so, so proud of each and everyone of you and it has put big gleaming smiles on our faces hearing all the lovely things that you have been doing. We are now receiving lots more emails to the Year 3 email - this is fab! 


We are so impressed with all of the life skills that lots of you have been learning, ranging from decorating to gardening, to cooking, learning to ride a bike as well as completing lots of home learning - it sounds like you are having a lot of fun! 


Look out below for shout outs and certificates...


Year 3, you are all amazing! Keep smiling and hopefully we will be able to see you soon laugh



Miss Venner, Mrs Baggley, Mrs Best and Mrs Moore 


Top scorers on IXL last week were..


Sam - answered 3,064 questions laugh

Mia-Rose - answered 2,378 questions laugh

Ali - answered 1,768 questions laugh

Nicola - answered 1,335 questions laugh

Omar - answered 704 questions laugh