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Year 5

Hello 5B,


Another week has passed and this is starting to feel like an extended 6 week holidays but I can see how hard you have been working.  Please keep your chin up and keep practising.  Even if you only manage 10 minutes a day, it could make a difference.


Rudis it has been three weeks so far at the toplaugh, I bet you're working extremely hard to achieve this!  I'm really impressed, you keep up the hard work.


He is not alone, some of you are working continuously hard and your scores reflect that.  It's lovely to see new faces and equally as good to see that some of you have returned and are giving it another go, thank you.


Bader (Good to see you back.) 15

Areeba 332

Deandre (You are so close to being first, well done.) 836 2nd

Isa 41

Marie 26

Kayden (Lovely to see you again.) 37

Jacob 352 5th

Jasmine 423 3rd

Meklit (Lovely to see you are on here now!) 358 4th


Have a lovely half term and keep smiling smiley


Mrs Buggins


Hello 5S, 

Another week in isolation and yet again you have all been trying really hard with your learning. 

I am also really pleased to see some new children on IXL!


I have to give another shout out to Chrys, who has answered 2978 questions this week (18th - 24th) and has even started to look at the year six skills! WELL DONE CHRYS smiley


Ali 725 questions 

James 662 questions 

Farhan 266 questions 

Chloe 204 questions 

Marshall 43 questions 

T'asia 192 questions 

Holly 44 questions 

Jayden 32 questions 

Freya 110 questions 


Well done everyone, you are all super stars. 


Enjoy half term,

Miss Saidler