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Year 5

Hello 5B,


I can see that some of you carried on working hard through the half term, that's amazing dedication towards your learning!  Remember to send any pictures to 


Last week there were fewer children accessing IXL, I'm hoping more of you get back on or try it if you haven't yet.


Another week and Rudis you are, yet again, working your socks off!  660 questions completed is amazing!


Areeba 281

Deandre 33

Aiden 285 

Isa 31 

Jacob 383 3rd

Jasmine 441 2nd


Please keep up the hard work and keep smiling laugh


Mrs Buggins

Hello 5S, 


Here are the questions answered for the week beginning 1st June - 7th June. 

Remember you should try to access the IXL website every day, focusing on Maths and English. 


Marshall 32 questions 

Ali 1789 questions (2)

Farhan 380 questions 

Chrys 2222 questions (1)

James 1139 (3)

Jayden 6 questions 


Well done to these children, keep up the hard work.

I hope to see a few more children accessing the website next week!


Take care,

Miss Saidler smiley