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Year 5

Hello everyone smiley


Hope you are all safe and well. This week I thought I would upload the progress you have all made since the beginning of your IXL journey.  


So far, you have all answered 42, 582 questions, made progress in 907 skills and collectively spent 317 hours 58 minutes practising. Amazing work!!


Here are your individual scores:


Marshall 497 questions

T’asia 194 questions

Jaycie 418 questions

Logan 41 questions

Freddie 61 questions

Ali 4581 questions (3)

Farhan 2133 questions (4)

Chrys 19,918 (1) WOW

Holly 427 questions

James 9142 questions (2)

Jayden 909 questions

Conner 162 questions

Freya 2119 questions (5)

Enzo 259 questions

Chloe 1721 questions


Well done to everyone, I am so proud of the progress you have made.


If you have not logged in yet and need any help accessing IXL, email us at 


Take care,

Miss Saidler

Hello 5B,


I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine we have been having.  Hopefully it stays like this for a while.


It is fantastic to see that some of you are continuing to work extremely hard, even when it can be challenging.  If you haven't been on for a while try and give it another go. 


This year so far, you have answered 29,233 questions and spent a whopping 155 hours completing them!


A special shout out to Jacob, Mr you have absolutely blown my socks off with your huge score, 1,275 laugh  Amazing, keep up the hard work! 


Areeba 122

Rudis 413 3rd

Deandre 361 4th

Marie 62

Kayden 161

Jasmine 566 2nd

Meklit 64


Remember to send in some pictures of what you have been up to, to 


Keep smiling 5B!


Mrs Buggins