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Year 5

Hello 5B,


It was really good to speak to some of your parents this week and hear about how you have been getting on.  It can be hard when everything is different and you're not able to see your friends and family.  I'm glad that you have been keeping your chin up and helping out around the house. 


Please send in some pictures of anything that you have been up to.  It would be lovely to see your smiley faces again, it has been such a long time! sad 

Remember to send them in to


Congratulations to those of you who have been working extremely hard on IXL and to those of you that have come back!  Well let's take a look at how you've been doing on IXL


Top of the class..... is......  Deandre with a massive, 772 questions completed!  You did it Mr, you should be so proud of yourself, I am. laugh


The rest of you have also worked very hard with the following amount of questions completed:


Bader 22

Areeba 27

Jaylee 99 (Good to see you back!)

Rudis 149

Isa 19

Marie 152

Jacob 595 2nd

Jasmine 459 3rd

Meklit 79


It is good to see more of you on here, please keep up the hard work.


Enjoy the sun this week,

Mrs Buggins