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Year 5

IXL Learning


Well done 5B for your excellent work on IXL. I’ve been checking every day and get messages about how our class are progressing. 
There are quite a few of you who have had a go and the ones that have tried it, have worked on it each day, which is amazing!

At this very moment (Thursday 08.45)

Kayden is at the top of the class with a whopping 1,264 questions completed since Monday! Fantastic work Kayden 😁

He is not alone though:

Areeba 114 questions

Bader 166 questions

Rudis 653 questions

Deandre 445 questions

Lewis 335 questions

Jacob 440 questions

Jasmine 184 questions

All completed since Monday too but I know that you all have been working hard since you received your logins. 

I will update this on Sunday so I can incorporate all of the questions for the whole week. 

Please keep your chins up and keep up the hard work, I’m really proud of you!