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Year 5

Hello 5S


I have been really impressed with your work on IXL.  So far, you have answered over 10,000 questions and you have collectively spent 75 hours on there! Special shout out to Chrys who has answered the most questions (3,214) and is closely followed by James with 2,764.


They are not alone though:

Freya 1,363 questions

Farhan 887 questions

Jayden 672 questions

Chloe 484 questions

Jaycie 418 questions

Enzo 259 questions

Holly 165 questions

Freddie 61 questions

Conner 41 questions

Logan 41 questions


Well done to everyone and keep up the good work, I am very proud of you all!

I will update this again on Sunday.


Also, remember you can email any work you have completed to


Stay safe,


Miss Saidler

Hello 5B,


I have been looking at your scores on IXL and you have been working exceptionally hard, I'm so impressed with how dedicated you have been.


Altogether, you have answered a humongous 12,436 questions over the past three weeks and this week you have contributed an immense amount towards that total.


Again, Kayden you are absolutely stealing the show with your amazing score of 2,844 questions over the first three weeks! Wowzers Mr, you keep this up and I'll have to keep up with you! smiley


However, it would not be right if I didn't mention the fantastic scores of everyone else, who has worked their socks off this week, these are your totals for the whole three weeks:

Areeba 377

Bader 407

Aaron 480

Rudis 1,812  2nd

Aiden 319

Deandre 1,630 3rd

Chloe 22

Lewis 834

Jacob 1,599 4th

Jasmine 802


If you have not yet tried IXL or have only been on once, please have another look to see if you can improve your skills or keep them up to date.


If for any reason you cannot access your login details or you have a query please remember to contact  and please send in any pictures of the fantastic work that you have been up to or any new skills that you have learnt to 


Keep up the amazing work and keep smiling, even on those rainy days! 


Hope to you see you all soon,


Mrs Buggins




Thank you very much to those who have sent in some pictures of your hard work.  It is especially nice to see you lovely faces so keep them coming in! 

Fantastic work!