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Year 5

Fantastic work again this week 5B.  I've been keeping up to date with your IXL learning and it's brilliant.


At the top of class this week is Rudis laugh with an amazing score of 773.  This is absolutely brilliant Rudis, keep up the hard work! 


Not only have you blown me away with your combined scores, here are all of you that have contributed to it this week:


Areeba 280

Jaylee 185

Aiden 38

Deandre 720 2nd 

Marie 136

Chloe 116

Jacob 282 4th

Jasmine 383 3rd


We had some lovely pictures last week of work that some of you have completed, if you haven't yet sent any in, please do.  Remember to email them to  


Keep smiling and stay safe 5B.


Mrs Buggins

Another successful week on IXL, well done 5S!


Together you have answered 5,751 questions, spent over 46 hours on there and you have made progress in 162 skills!


Here are the individual scores from last week (4th May – 10th May):


Ali 1,108 questions  (2nd)

Chrys 2,998 questions  (1st)

Farhan 188 questions

Holly 98 questions

James 727 questions (3rd)

Jayden 12 questions

Conner 62 questions

Freya 588 questions



Keep up the good work!


Miss Saidler

Some more fantastic work this week and a lovely video too! :) 

Well done!

Still image for this video