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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.


The staff working in year 6 are Miss Khatun (6K), Mr Rose (6R), Miss Bryan, Miss Calloway, Mrs Ryder and Miss Simmons.






Welcome to Year 5’s Page.

We have designed an exciting creative curriculum for the coming year and we will be covering a range of fantastic topics.


Our first topic will be ‘Off with her head’ and we will be visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford. We are also learning about play written by Shakespeare called ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and some children will be performing this at The Redditch Theatre during the Shakespeare Schools Festival.


This year P.E. will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.


You will also be receiving a letter shortly to say which day your child's home reader will be changed.


Our English will all be based around these topics and some fantastic books have been chosen to engage the children and provide excellent opportunities to write.

Year 5's Texts

Autumn 1

This half term we will be learning all about Tudor Monarchs.


We will be investigating Henry VIII, his six wives, three children and many political and religious changes.


We will also be reading and comprehending a play written by William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, which was written in 1598.  This will give us a good understanding of the language, ready for the school's performance during the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Redditch Theatre on 6th November 2018.



Year 5's Trip to Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford.

Getting to Know Will Workshop and Stratford September 2018

We also wrote and performed an alternative scene for Much Ado About Nothing.

Alternative Scenes for Much Ado About Nothing

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Scenes written and performed by Year 5

JH Play Video.mp4

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LG Play Video.mp4

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Shakespeare Schools Festival

30 children from Year 5 performed at The Palace Theatre in Redditch and absolutely blew the audience away.  We are so proud of all children involved. There are definitely some budding young actors amongst the ranks.  Take a look at the dress rehearsal photographs.

Dress Rehearsal The Palace Theatre, Redditch November 2018

Autumn 2


This half term we will covering the topic Stargazers.


We will be visiting the National Space centre in Leicester and throughout the half term we will be learning all about space, our Solar System (the Milkyway) and Earth.


We have lots of short science fiction texts to comprehend and will be creating our own prologue (courtesy of Mr P's brilliant Read Write Perform planning guidance) 

Year 5 loved visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester. Take a look at our pictures.

National Space Centre November 2018

This half term we will be covering Pharaohs.


We will be taking part in an ancient Egyptian workshop, which is delivered by Portals to the Past. We will also be learning about a range of aspects of the ancient Egyptians, including what the pyramids were used for, how important the River Nile was and some of their unusual beliefs. 


We will also be using, Awesome Egyptians (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary to develop our understanding of the Egyptians and writing both non-fiction and fiction texts.

Ancient Egyptian Workshop January 2019