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Year 6


Hi 6K! I was so impressed to receive an email on the 12th May saying that you guys have answered over 10, 000 questions on IXL! Well done! Keep up the fantastic work!




Well done 6R for your solid efforts on IXL. I have been checking each day and receive notifications on how you are all getting on. As of Thursday Morning (9:30), Vera is in the lead of answering the most questions closely followed by Ewan. Here is the top 5:


1st = Vera

2nd = Ewan

3rd = Katelyn

4th = Leo

5th = Katy


Well done and keep up the hard work, everyone! I will update the final top 5 at the end of the week!

Update (17.5.20):


Wow! There was a surge in usage of IXL over the last few days. Thousands of questions answered this week. Well done. This weeks shout out goes to Basma! Somehow she managed to creep ahead of the runaway leader of the week, Vera. An unbelievable effort from her since Thursday. So here is the final Top 5 for the week:


1st = Basma (1025 questions)

2nd = Vera (974 questions)

3rd = Ewan (687 questions)

4th = Zara (451 questions)

5th = Katelyn (293 questions)


Well done, everyone! Keep up the good work!